011 VIP Prepaid

Stop using an internet connection to place international phone calls. There’s nothing worse than a glitchy conversation with the repeated phrase, “What’d you say?” spoken every few minutes. Instead, opt for 011 Communication’s VIP Prepaid Service. Our prepaid phone service will give you the international calling connection you need to have an uninterrupted phone call, time and time again.

You’ll not only get the highest quality connection of international phone calls available, but since 011 Communication does not use the internet (better known as VoIP) to connect your phone calls, you won’t have to worry about interruptions such as glitches and dropped calls. This means that you’ll experience international phone call connections like never before. Not only are these calls crystal clear, but dropped calls hardly exist. Plus, the rates that you can get from 011 Communications to anywhere around the world are unbeatable.

In order to sign up for our prepaid phone services, you’ll need to register your cell phone number with us at 011 Communications. To register, follow these easy steps.

1. Dial or Store 1-844-888-1011 from your mobile phone.
2.As soon as the signature tone begins, dial 011 then the number you wish to call.
4.Our System will automatically load your international numbers to automatic speed dial for future use.
Just enter YES or NO.

To learn all of your prepaid cell phone options, please enter the # sign from your mobile phone.

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